About the Gulf Coast Prairie Conservation Planning Atlas

The Conservation Planning Atlas (CPA) is a science-based mapping platform where conservation managers and LCC members can go to view, retrieve, and perform analyses on spatial information with specific conservation goals in mind. Four portals have been created for the LCC network:


Spatially explicit datasets, galleries, and maps are available in a hierarchical system:

Data can be searched, viewed, and used in analyses. Additionally, you can upload your own data to your account to be used in conjunction with these datasets.

The CPA provides a platform for LCCs to create galleries to showcase a cohesive collection of spatial information and supporting documentation. Several galleries are being showcased at each portal.

The CPA also allows its users to create groups of members from several organizations who may have the same conservation goals. Within a group, you can perform analyses, upload data, and share information for other group members to use.

The CPA was created in an effort to fulfill the mission of the GCP LCC: to create a shared vision for sustainable natural and cultural resources in the face of a changing climate and other threats, and to foster the achievement of that vision with evaluation and refinement over time.

For more information about projects related to the Gulf Coast Prairie LCC you may want to visit our Science Page on our main website